6 ventajas saas

6 time-saving benefits of SaaS for your business

In one of our previous articles we shared about the Saas: what it is and how companies use it. In this publication we want to share 6 advantages through which working with a SaaS will allow your company to save time.

  1. Immediate and scalable implementation 

Companies that adopt this type of service no longer make large investments in software purchases, licences or additional devices, as SaaS are configured to be used after starting the subscription. They are also characterised by their ability to adapt to the size and seasonality of the company. In this sense, the adaptation and scalability of the company allows the client to obtain the service faster and with an investment aligned to the revenue.

A survey conducted by Deloitte revealed that  91% of companies believe that using SaaS reduces implementation time.

  1. Rapid integration with other systems: 

Users have the option of integrating the software as a service with other programes to increase the value delivered to the business. These integrations are usually simple and immediate. For example, in the case of Dost, it can be integrated with the company's ERP.

  1. Anytime, anywhere access

SaaS software is hosted and operated from the cloud, without the need for a physical device or license. In addition, thanks to advances in wireless network coverage, any SaaS service can be accessed from anywhere, 24 hours a day. In this way, it emphasizes the savings in travel time of personnel or restrictions in schedules. This provides agility, practicality and usability.

  1. Optimization of time spent on manual tasks

Another advantage of SaaS is that it automates the performance of manual tasks through different technologies and centralizes information so that teams can share or exchange updated information in real time. In this sense, the efficiency of the time invested in the different tasks is improved.

  1. Automatic updates 

Unlike traditional software, with SaaS there is no need to invest time in upgrades; instead, the service provider manages all upgrades. In this way, customers do not have to spend time downloading or installing additional software or applications, nor do they have to purchase more bandwidth as the user base or data processed grows, but new versions are automatically updated.

  1. One-click technical support 

Most SaaS providers usually offer permanent technical assistance, this is another point that reflects the time savings for customers who adopt a SaaS service, since any maintenance and prevention needs are performed by the provider, which means not involving the IT area to solve any inconvenience or incident.