Dost Integrations: ERPs and Data Sources

Dost is a software that automatically processes your company’s documents, invoices, delivery notes, and more. Dost is the integral middleman between your company’s Data Sources and ERPs. First, Dost will connect to your data sources. Then, through the help of artificial intelligence, Dost will read the information in your documents, extract all the necessary information, make sense of the data, and prepare it for action. Finally, through the integration of your ERPs, Dost will automatically reintroduce your freshly processed documents right back into your ERPs. Let us dive into more detail on the types of integrations Dost can offer your company today!

Data sources

When you create your Dost account, you will be able to connect your data sources directly to your Dost portal to begin the autonomous extraction of information from your documents. Let us review some of the data sources that you can connect your Dost portal to:

  • OneDrive is a Microsoft-powered hosting service that enables you to share and store your files. For many users, OneDrive is the starting point for the storage of your company’s data and documents. When integrated into your Dost portal, Dost software can automatically extract the documents you need to process.
  • Dropbox is another data source integration available to you with the creation of your Dost portal.As a file hosting service, Dropbox keeps traditional files, cloud content, and web shortcuts all in one place. Integrate Dropbox into your portal and allow Dost the ability to autonomously extract your organization’s documents for processing and sorting.
  • Google Drive is a file storage service provided and developed by Google. Upon the creation of your Google Account, Google Drive allows you to create, store, share, and synchronize all kinds of files. If your company utilizes Google Drive, Dost can automatically connect to your company’s account and look for documents to process. Try this integration in your Dost portal now.
  • Gmail, another service provided by Google, is a pretty self explanatory platform. However, through the help of Dost software, this integration can provide Dost the ability to extract, sort, and process your company’s emails in order to reduce the time and resources it would take your company to do it manually.


After the autonomous extraction of data through our Dost software, Dost will seamlessly update and enter your documents into your ERPs. Through the integration of different ERP’s, Dost can automatically process and enter the data that requires attention from your company's team in a completely automatic way. Let us take a look at all the ERP integrations available through your Dost portal:

  • Holded is a cloud-based ERP that allows you to manage your finances, sales, operations, and human resources through one platform. Through a series of intelligent-based features, such as automated invoice and bookkeeping processes, Holded offers efficient and time-saving management software for businesses. Integrate the Holded ERP into your Dost portal to find your documents automatically processed and sorted.
  • Sage offers ERP software that offers enterprise management solutions for the growth of your business. The Sage integration allows you to manage your core business processes across multiple divisions, countries, and forums (mobile or web). Through Dost, you can integrate the Sage ERP to find all of your business’ documents automatically processed and sorted all in one place.
  • A3 Software is a Spanish-based ERP that provides accounting and management software solutions for your business. A3, developed by Wolters Kluwer, is a software that enables companies to manage their finances to help drive productivity and change within your organization! Dost allows you to integrate A3 Software to see all of your newly processed documents updated and entered back into your A3 Software.
  • Microsoft 365 offers useful office applications and cloud-services that give you access to a set of productivityapps, including Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. By integrating the Microsoft 365 ERP to your Dost portal, you can automatically process your Microsoft 365 company documents. Upon integrating this ERP, find your Microsoft Suite documents automatically processed and flagged by Dost software directly back into your Dost portal.
  • SAP offers you a commerce cloud where you can do a variety of product management tasks, from supply chain management to enterprise resource planning, SAP has a wide range of services that allow your business to collect documents related to your company’s finances, recruitment, and the like. Upon adding the SAP integration to your Dost portal, you can find all of the documents within your SAP cloud to be automatically processed and sorted.


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