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AI is Here to Stay and will Change the World for the Better

Whether you know it or not, artificial intelligence today can be found across every dimension of our daily lives. Now, more than ever before, the use of artificial technologies is all around us and will only continue to grow in popularity.

All across the world, AI is commonly used across a variety of different fields and industries to solve and support a multitude of the challenges society faces today. Before we go any further however, let us break down what AI is.

Artificial intelligence, or better known as AI, is a catch-all term for software that mimics human cognition and perception. Through the use of computer systems, AI has the ability to perform tasks and procedures that were previously done by humans in a more efficient and timely manner.

While AI provides a multitude of benefits for individuals and organizations alike, many fear that the sophistication and complexity of AI makes it easy to be abused and under-regulated. More so, many see AI as a threat that can heavily disrupt the current political, economic, and social structure of society. Through this lens, sure, AI is a scary, human-like technology that will take all of our jobs and cause detrimental consequences across the societal fold. However, the flip side of this story points towards a different direction.

Artificial intelligence has and will continue to be extremely beneficial to society, in more ways than one. In this article, we will discuss some of the main ways that AI is changing the world for the better.

AI & Communication

AI has allowed for the huge advancement of the communication field through Natural Language Processing technologies (NLPs). As detailed by George Krasadakis, A clear and often-overlooked example of your daily life is right there on your phone. Siri, Google Assistant, and even voice typing are some of the most notable mentions of AI being used to facilitate and improve our communication.

From chatbots to digital assistants, AI is revolutionizing the characteristics of a communication interaction, changing the innate nature of human-to-human communication. Now AI-based communication tools can produce meaningful dialogues, transcribe and translate conversations, and create smart responses all in real-time.

AI & The Public

Artificial Intelligence is also influencing the healthcare sector. As exemplified by Forbes in 2021, AI and machine learning are now being used in the pharmaceutical industry to find and select molecular candidates for new drug development. Although this technology is still in its early stages, the benefits of using AI for drug manufacturing have the potential to positively impact the structure of the public health system in general, potentially leading to the development and distribution of better and more specialized medicines.

Furthermore, AI tools have also been used to prevent human trafficking. Algorithms that scan and flag websites across the internet are now being used to identify suspicious activity related to traffickers and suspect activities.

AI tools can quickly and efficiently process large amounts of data, sort it, and flag it for review. Through one software, AI is doing work that is not only contributing to providing extreme public benefits but further, solving problems that would otherwise require large amounts of human labor, time, and efforts.

AI & Language

Several AI-based language and learning tools have been developed to facilitate work, learning and communication. GPT-3, for example, is a tool that uses deep learning to produce a variety of natural language tasks. By analyzing thousands of language samples, GPT-3 has the ability to generate language through tweets, emails, translation and even questions.

Moreover, ChatGPT is another example of a language-based innovation developed through the use of AI technologies. In this software, people can input questions, requests, or full sentences into the textbox and receive an output of information to answer their petition. Through a digital dialogue, ChatGPT makes it possible for your questions to be answered with extreme accuracy and specificity.

AI & Businesses

If by now, you are not convinced of the power and benefits of AI, let me outline some of the direct benefits AI offers your business. From improving productivity to efficiency, a multitude of AI tools aimed at improving and redefining the traditional business model of work exist today. Tools like Grammarly and Chatbot are commonly referred to as notable AI-based tools revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

More so, it is softwares like Dost that provide AI-based automated services to improve the efficiency and productivity of document processing. Through this, companies can use the power of AI to reduce the time and cost of inefficient company tasks, leading to the overall improvement of your corporate growth.

Clearly, the reach and impact that AI has had across essentially every dimension of social life is undeniable. Through improvements in technology and the proliferation of AI-based innovations, the broad and ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence can only be expected to get bigger and more powerful.

Looking to the Future

En lugar de temer lo inevitable, una «toma del poder» de la IA, saludemos la llegada de nuevas herramientas basadas el la IA con los brazos abiertos. Reconozcamos la relevancia y permanencia de la IA en el mundo actual como una tecnología que realmente tiene el potencial de alterar nuestra forma de hacer la vida, desde los pequeños matices hasta los grandes objetivos abstractos.

Let us welcome the possibility of a world where AI propels human innovation, productivity, and success so that through this new partnership, humans, and its technological creation, can proceed in solving the problems of tomorrow.


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