Construction Sector

A construction company called C has an annual turnover of 2 million euros. It is a well-established company in its sector and has more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

There are 40 people working in the office and a team of 200 workers on site. It should be noted that it has been difficult for them to digitalize a number of processes that, until relatively recently, were still carried out manually.

It becomes practically impossible to process supplier invoices, material purchase orders and all other documents received by the company.

At C, they receive 1,500 invoices per month, documents that have to be processed and entered into the ERP they use in the company. At the administrative level, they are not efficient and it is a great workload to process such a large number of invoices.

Until now, they were unaware of process automation, so they have never tried any company focused on invoice processing.
At C they needed software that could process a large number of invoices and could be connected to their ERP to enter the processed data, thus keeping a centralized balance sheet.

At Dost we offered a customized solution for C. We proposed them to use a digital brain for the extraction of information from all the invoices that the company received each month, integrating their ERP so that, once the information was processed, their ERP could have that data available. The software implementation period was one month.

Dost's software enabled C to save the cost of invoice processing, avoid human data entry errors and save company resources in performing these repetitive tasks.

C went from spending €250,000 per year on document processing tasks to €6,000. Thanks to Dost, C does not have to process invoices, delivery notes or documents manually, having at its disposal a tool that allows it to leave technology to perform repetitive and worthless tasks.