Tools that automate tools

The use of tools is becoming more and more common in both personal and work environments. From productivity tools to financial management. We have a wide variety of tools that offer thousands of advantages to the user, without the need for payments or installations.

In the market, new competitors are constantly appearing to improve what other companies are offering. This is due to the need of users to complete or add new features that, within the great usefulness of each tool, are looking for specific improvements that allow them to be more agile with these.

How many times have we thought; if this program, apart from what it does, had a button that did X and spared me all this part, it would be the perfect tool. 

At other times we think; when they made this program they didn't take into account that when I use it I have to spend all this time doing such and such. How can I improve it? For this to do what I need it to do, would I have to change the whole program to something else?

The fact is that the software world is moving at breakneck speed, but companies often cannot (or should not) constantly renew their applications, replacing old ones with new ones.

On the other hand, the market pushes us to be faster, to be better and to be more efficient or else lose position.

Many companies are often faced with this great dilemma, but this has facilitated the emergence of solutions, of which the greatest exponent is Zapier, or the same Dost, which without the need to change or modify the corporate ERP that the company has implemented can enhance functionality that the end user wants.

Often our customer's query is as follows: Dost seems to me the ideal solution we need for documents to be incorporated automatically and effortlessly, but we have just changed the corporate ERP and we don't want to put another one. How can we do it?

Our answer is always the same, regardless of the implemented system (Holded, SAP, SAGE, self-developed, etc.), Dost does not replace or perform actions like an ERP, Dost is the complement that automates your ERP. It is a tool that automates another tool. Therefore, not only is it not necessary to make a change of ERP, but it will enhance and get the most out of the tool in which the company has already invested previously.

Tools that automate tools are the most cost-effective and fastest way to deal with economic uncertainty for companies in the current market situation.