We came in second place in the SeedRocket’s startups ranking!

Exciting News: Dost, the innovative startup, secures an impressive second place in SeedRocket's rankings. Discover how Dost's smart solutions are transforming processes. Learn more about our journey and success in the startup ecosystem.
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SeedRocket: Campus for Entrepreneurs and Startups

SeedRocket, renowned for its role in nurturing and catapulting the startup ecosystem, recently held its 26th edition of the Entrepreneur Campus. Among the numerous promising projects that were showcased, Dost’s presence was noteworthy, both for its innovative approach and its commitment to revolutionizing established norms. This remarkable achievement not only signifies Dost’s prowess but also underscores the transformative potential that startups like Dost bring to various industries.

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, SeedRocket welcomed us alongside 11 other selected projects, where we were able to enjoy workshops and remote mentoring sessions. The vibrancy of the occasion mirrored the energy that startups like Dost infuse into the business world. It provided a platform for knowledge sharing, skill enhancement, and invaluable networking opportunities.

The SeedRocket mentor network selected three winning startups, which had the opportunity to win various prizes valued at up to €25,000, in addition to the possibility of receiving up to €300,000 in funding from the accelerator’s investment network.

Finalist Startups

Among the finalists of this edition, we encountered different startups with a solid project still in the growth phase, such as Aitister, Bund, ClementineTakeGood Care, Embat, Erasmus Play, Inkan, Palapala, Pamipe, Recovo, Sikvity and Zinkee.

Among these finalist startups, we came in second place! And what better way to celebrate than with the Dost team and our entire community. This milestone is an achievement accomplished thanks to the internal team, who work tirelessly to provide you with quality service and products; and also thanks to all of you: the users who have made the leap to process automation and who, like us, believe in the potential of Dost software as an intelligent solution to time and cost loss in accounting processes.

We can proudly say that it was a very exciting and enriching edition, where we got to know these wonderful projects that we wish all the luck in the world in their development.

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